Board of Education

From left: Mr. Paul McCutcheon, President, Mr. Shaun Waters, Vice President, Mr. Peter Dorman,

Mrs. Heather Chess and Mr. Michael Boll

Public Participation
Public participation is a regular part of the Board Meeting agenda and takes place before the Executive Session. This segment of the meeting is for citizen comments, not for question-answer, discussion or debate. A citizen's comments are limited to two minutes.

While the Board encourage groups to identify a single spokesperson to avoid repetition. If you wish to address the Board, you must first state your name, home address, and organization, if any. You must be a resident and/or taxpayer to address the Board. Comments about agenda items or matters for Board consideration are appropriate at this time.

Finally, conducting an orderly meeting helps the Board complete its business. For this reason, the Board President is responsible for the orderly and efficient conduct of the meeting and will decide on the time and appropriateness of public presentations to the Board.

Ripley Central School District typically holds its meetings the third Thursday of the month beginning at 6:30 p.m. unless otherwise announced. The Board may set additional meetings as needed.

The Board conducts its meeting in accordance with parliamentary procedure. Once the Board President calls the meeting to order, the Board will follow the printed agenda available to the public.

A quorum of three Board members is required to conduct and vote on official Board business. The District Clerk records the minutes of all meetings. Board members approve minutes from the previous meeting. Minutes are also posted on the school's website at www.ripleycsd.org

Administrators are always willing to work with parents and community. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you speak with the Principal so you can work together to resolve the problem. If you feel that you have not been able to resolve your concern at this level, your next level of appeal is to the Superintendent who will speak with you over the telephone or meet with you in person. The contact information for our administrative staff is listed below.

Mr. William Caldwell, Superintendent
Mr. Micah Oldham, Principal

Final Thoughts
The Ripley Central School Board of Education is dedicated to making a genuine difference in the gains in educational achievement of our students. We want staff to be well-trained and measures of student achievement to reflect continuous trends of improvement The Board encourages parents and students to be involved and informed in the student achievement issues.

Thank you for attending our Board Meetings. We appreciate your interest in the Ripley Central School District. If you have any questions about information contained on this page, please do not hesitate to call us at 716-736-2631, extension 7222.