Superintendent's Page


I am both humbled and honored to be the superintendent of the Ripley Central School District. As the superintendent, I have the tremendous responsibility of leading our staff in working together for the benefit of our students. It is a responsibility that I take very seriously in order to ensure that each student is safe and receives a high quality education. My goal is to provide all Ripley students with a caring, engaging, quality learning environment while preparing them for success as middle and high school students and eventually adulthood.

I believe that it is important to build strong relationships with the members of the Ripley community and have made it one of my top priorities. To help accomplish that goal, you will find me in attendance at events and activities, both in school and the community. Please feel free to come up to me and introduce yourself. Working together, we can strengthen every aspect of our fine school district. I value input from everyone and will be seeking your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Please know that the decisions I make will be based on what is best for our students. I have an open door policy and would be happy to sit down with anyone who would like to discuss how we can help our students be the best they can be.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead this district, and I look forward to working with the faculty, staff, and community to advance and celebrate the school district’s future accomplishments.

William Caldwell